That man my young friend is called reality, and soon you will be most acquainted with him.  However , whether or not your lesson will be learned easily or painfully is entirely upon your willingness to heed his advice.  Women display themselves as the antidote to a poison they themselves distribute.  Any male who is […]

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Male victims of sexual abuse

Bristleconeproject is an organization that is making strides to bring to light stories of sexually abused men who has overcome the effect of abuse.  We men in society seldom have the chance, if we are lucky enough to have it granted, to tell our darkest stories, to share our emotions, our fears, our anxieties, our […]

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Elitism and self-censorship in MGTOW

Consider the following sentences… “The female, not the male, determines all the conditions of the animal family. Where the female can derive no benefit from association with the male, no such association takes place.” (Briffault’s law) “Marriage is a contractual union between man and woman for the sole purpose of reproduction where the man is […]

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Tradcons, Hurricane Harvey

Gentlemen, be a witness to a recent example of how when a dire situation arises, when chaos strike, women and their tradcon men call for men’s sacrifice.  In such situations they would instantaneously forget the advantages feminism and gender equality they incessantly cry for has granted them over years, how in doing so they have […]

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The Man in The Glass

When you get what you want in your struggle for self and the world makes you king for a day Just go to the mirror and look at yourself and see what that man has to say For it isn’t your father or mother or wife whose judgment upon you must pass The fellow whose […]

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Hank’s letter

I haven’t read Bukowski in almost nine years even though I have most if not all his work.  He’s one of the few writers in history whose writing fascinates in part because of originality in time and his unorthodox style of expressing, in brutal honesty, his outlook on the human condition.  There is something to […]

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